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  • 100% Organic, Natural, Sustainable

  • 100% Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly

  • Ideal pH in the range of 6-6.7

  • Holds 22% air even when fully saturated

  • Provide superior ventilation and great aeration

  • Excellent drainage and air porosity for better plant growth

  • Hold approximately 8-9 times its weight in water.

  • Reduces water frequency without plant stress

  • Decreases evaporation

  • Slow degradation means that it maintains its structure longer

  • No wetting agents required

  • Minimizes the splashing of diseases to nearby plants

  • Suppress root diseases and Promotes strong root growth

  • Hydrophilic which allows for easy re-wettingHigh lignin levels allows for high water holding capacity, and not shrinkage

  • Its anti-fungal properties help plants to get rid of soil born diseases (inhibits pathogens like phythium and phytophthora)

  • Extends the shelf-life of container grown plants.

  • Our Coir has a recommended useful life of 2 years but, it has been known to last even longer.

  • Compressed 3:1 for better storage

These are just a few of the advantages

The composition of  COCOMFORT™ - Horticulture Coir allows the root to develop more freely than in soil, peat moss and other coconut fiber
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