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Create your own professional plant mixt

Our product is used in three ways by bedding plant growers

COCOMFORT®™  Organic Growing Media.

        OMRI Organic Certificate

Tailor Made Solution,
The Mix Growers Need

Implementing your company's brand identity isn't as complicated as it may appear. We are here to help you!


Our use our branded OMRI product.


COCOMFORT®™ Coir Benefits

If you are looking for a GREAT quality substratum, capable of:

  •  Good drainage.

  • Superior Aeration.

  • Excellent water retention.

Look no further, with COCOMFORT®™ Coir Solution



COCOMFORT®™ - Horticulture Coir Division of Group Monarch International Inc. (Canada) / Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V. (México) has been committed to developing, producing and exporting a wide range of products around the globe. COCOMFORT®™   has over the years studied, developed and designed a new environmentally friendly solution for professional and amateur growers. Our contribution to saving the forest and ecosystem would be phenomenal.


Our revolutionary eco-sustainable option is free from chemicals, additives, dust, and disease.  All from the Coconut husk (coir) formulation that can substitute peat moss and wood bedding products that  are indeed an alternative to destruction.



Our products and solutions are based on information from the field and industry experts, developed through close collaboration with government, universities and other research and educational institutions at the highest scientific level in order to customize effective solutions for our customers.


What is now needed is a change in your mindset in favor of accepting an alternative strategy for sustainable and with the ideal balance between air porosity, drainage capacity, and water retention coir product.


“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” ~ Albert Einstein


COCOMFORT®™ Coir Solution!



COCOMFORT®™ - Horticulture Coir  is one of the best possible components for growing plants in flats and packs. It is all natural organic matter derived from the husks of coconuts known also as coir pith, coir dust or simply coir which are low in sodium and very rich in potassium. The excellent re-wettability, extremely high air capacity along with the well balanced between air:water permit selective use in all areas of growing media production. This sustainable fibrous product is milled and screened for each horticultural application. Is also used as a soil additive.  It is free of sticks and wood and flows readily in mechanical systems.  


COCOMFORT®™ is a natural growing medium extracted 100% from a renewable resource. Hence it is an environmental Eco-Friendly solution for cultivation.

COCOMFORT®™  is resistant to excess compaction and decays making it an excellent component when air porosity is important. The ability to release tightly held water provides less production loss due to drying and longer shelf life. Due to low levels of nutrients in its composition, coco peat is usually not the sole component in the medium used to grow plants.  When plants are grown exclusively in coco peat, it is important to add nutrients accordingly to the need of the specific plants. Incorporation of 30% or more in a blend gives great water management properties to the substrate and helps in bedding plant production, performance and sales. These more fibrous grades of coir can be used as “stand alone” substrates or incorporated into blends.

The potential of coconut fibers and husk as a superior growth medium for plants has been know for generations of orchid-grower and hydroponic growers for its water retention, its deterrence of fungus gnats and certain diseases, and its root-supporting structure, it carries these positives into the garden.

Indoor coir growers have long recycled their much-used hydroponic coir into their outdoor vegetable gardens and compost piles.

It remained unknown until COCOMFORT®™ make you discovered all the benefits. Now, our soil substitute into a potential modern agro business offering eco-conscious solutions for a fertile future.

"Partnering for Success"​



  • Has a high moisture retention ability.

  • Improves the physical & biological condition of soil while enhancing the aeration. It prevents the hardening of potting soil and increases soil porosity.

  • Enhances a strong & healthy root growth. The presence of organic compounds in coco peat can stimulate root growth and offer some natural resistance to plant disease. Trichoderma is a naturally occurring fungus in coco peat. It works in symbiosis with plant roots to protect them from pathogenic fungi such as Pythium.

  • The pHcontent of COCOMFORT®™ ranges from neutral to slightly acidic, and is beneficial for plants.

  • Known to give better yield, Coir dust remains relatively hydrophylic (water attracting) even when it is air dried. This property impacts on water and fertilizer usage and on plant quality.

  • Contain natural enzymes, hummus & some plant nutrients.

  • Porous structure & high water holding capacity in COCOMFORT®™ results in reduction in the soil temperature.

  • COCOMFORT®™ has better capillary wetting properties (capillarity) than peat and most of the other common pot mix ingredients. Capillary wetting indirectly affects the availability of water and nutrients held by a pot mix to plants.

  • Is a 100% natural substance and there is no harmful effect on the environment when disposed.

  • Is reusable and recyclable for about for years or 2 years.

  • Currently is most reliable, eco-friendly solution to replace peat moss, rock wool or any other growing medium. It is becoming increasingly popular among the gardening hobbyists.



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