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  • The advantages of our private labels:

     *   Customization from coir grades blends to packaging  *   Control over product pricing

     *   Quick return                                                                  *   Marketing independence

     *   High-quality product                                                      *   Higher control of profits 

     *   Most competitive price                                                  *   Personalized inputs such as your logo 

     *   Freedom in mix                                                              *   Freedom of design                                                        *  Provide your customers with an alternative

     *  Active support of the logistics process                              personalized blend

  • Implementing your company's brand identity isn't as complicated as it may appear. We are here to help you!


  • Our use our branded COR and OMRI product.

  • You will be able to create your own formula and sell it in bulk.or on your bags.


  • You and your customer will love it!  Saving to All.

The composition of  COCOMFORT™ - Horticulture Coir allows the root to develop more freely than in soil, peat moss and other coconut fiber


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