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The Solution To The Spills
The Revolutionary Organic, Innovative Eco-friendly, Sustainable, High Performing Industrial Absorbent, Suitable for all liquid spills clean-ups
across a diverse range of industries:



We manufacture the product options such as Boom and pillows. Natural and bio-degradable is design to absorb oil and not water.  Customize in shape and size solution to cleanup of oil spills on land or water. 


If is a spill in an airport need to be clean up right away. COCOMFORT™  the solution.

Oil and Gas

Apply our COCOMFORT™ product until spill is covered and unlike kitty litter, our coir product begins to absorb immediately. Save Time & Money


Kitty litter is not an absorbent! is not organic and naturally safe. Why to use it on water or oil spill?

Our natural product absorbs hazardous liquid spill including oils, fuels, solvents and some chemicals.

Automotive Recycling

Workers grease hands just rub COCOMFORT™ over their hands, arms, tools, and machinery without using any chemical or liquids.

The hands can be rinsed off easily without harsh chemicals.

Fleet Management

Safe to carry, light weight, easy to pour, easy to distribute. Why to use  kitty litter that doesn't absorb  COCOMFORT™ versatile product that can be used on all hazardous and non-harzardous spills.


COCOMFORT™ is a less expensive, more effective alternative to silica/clay-based products that are harmful and diatomaceous earth. We have the solution product 


Environmentally friendly without the carcinogenic crystalline silica/ clay or other dangerous chemicals. 100% organic and harmless to humans & the environment. Cleans hands, machinery, tools and more  .


COCOMFORT™ hat has absorbed hydrocarbons can be used as a fuel source in energy producing incinerators.

Waste Management

Thousands of injuries every year are caused by the failure to promptly clean up oil spillages in the workplace. COCOMFORT™ absorbent the ultimate absorbent for helping business to fulfill the dutty care.

Paint Industry

Why to use kitty litter, is not an absorbent. Can not expand to soak up the paint. COCOMFORT™ product honeycomb structure can increase up to nine time its own mass during absorption...

Food Industry

Nonabrasive and dust free. COCOMFORT™​ Organic product does not leave an after residues like sticky clay or absorbent pads. 

Fire Departments

COCOMFORT™ is a cost-efficient clean up and Fire Departments are switching from traditional products such as clay to products that are safer such as COCOMFOR™ the


Spill Response Team

COCOMFORT™ to clean-up of oil  and any other spill faster being a cost-efficient alternative. Our patent pending product available now. Pillow, customize in shape and size is highly absorbent.

Off-Shore Oil Platforms & Rigs

COCOMFORT™ contain the oil from spreading into the sea and pollute waters.

Gas Stations

COCOMFORT™  the right product to have for spills at service stations.

Take immediate action to safely stop and contain the release. Use our product!


Reduce slip hazards and damage to inventory with our COCOMFORT™ solution to absorb leaks in matters of minutes.

Harbors and Marinas

Great product and cost efficient to absorb all the oil & fuel spill in the water.  The marinas understand this problem and COCOMFORT™ is the solution!

Pool & Spa

Our new patent pending COCOMFORT™ Product new addition to any pool and spa cleaning system. Keep pool & spa clean  absorbing the suntan oil from the water...


We tailor products to your needs. It could be pillow, sock, boom, mat, barrel lid cover or loose absorbent.


When pillow, socks boom, mat can't reach a spill you will need COCOMFORT™- Dry Surface absorbent. Lightweight and easy to clean up. 


While clay pallets are cheap, they contain crystalline silica, which can cause the respiratory diseases silicosis and cancer after continued exposure, are heavy bags and risking further injuries.


COCOMFORT™ the solution to the spills!


  • 100% Organic Material

  • By-product of the coconut

  • Non-Toxics

  • Silica Free

  • No damage of equipment, machinery, tile of sealed floors

  • Can be reused until completely saturated (you will know this by the color change)

  • Saves time cleaning spills due to immediate absorption abilities

  • Can absorb water -based products

  • Non-Abrasive

  • and more. See Benefits below



COCOMFORT®™ - Oil Absorbent division of  Group Monarch International (Canada) / Grupo Monarca Internacional S.A. de C.V. (México) has been committed to developing, producing and exporting a wide range of products around the globe.  COCOMFORT®™  has over the years studied, developed and designed new environmentally friendly solutions for industrial application. Our contribution to saving the forest and ecosystem would be phenomenal.


Our revolutionary eco-sustainable option is free from chemicals, additives, dust, and disease.  All from the Coconut husk (coir) formulation that can substitute peat moss and wood bedding products that  are indeed an alternative to destruction.



Our products and solutions are based on information from the field and industry experts, developed through close collaboration with government, universities and other research and educational institutions at the highest scientific level in order to customize effective solutions for our customers.


What is now needed is a change in your mindset in favor of accepting an alternative strategy for sustainable and with the ideal balance between air porosity, drainage capacity, and water retention coir product.


“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” ~ Albert Einstein


COCOMFORT®™ Your Solution!

"Partnering for Success"





COCOMFORT™ Organic Oil Absorbent made of 100% renewable organic material by-product of the coconut.



COCOMFORT™ is Non-Toxic,  Non-Abrasive, don't damage equipment and machinery & safer for your workplace and home.



COCOMFORT™  Organic Oil Absorbent Silica Free and Carcinogenic Free, Dust Free



No OSHA penalties and fine. 

OSHA releases long-awaited final rule on silica. 





COCOMFORT™ is   environmentally friendlyVS peat moss a destruction of our environment 


Landfill safe. Encapsulates the spill, and do not release back into the environment.



COCOMFORT™ Organic Oil Absorbent is at least 4 times more absorbent, less material, less time.



COCOMFORT™ Coir can be reused to clean up more than one spills due the best absorbency

How to disposal:




•  Prepare, transport, treat, store and dispose of waste products in accordance with workplace and  to all applicable local, States/ Provinces and Federal regulations, the applicable U.S, Canadian, México standards, or the appropriate standards of the nations of the European Community.

•  Depending on the guidelines of your local authorities and regulations, used COCOMFORT™ product can be disposed of in landfill or incineration if are not being in contact with listed hazardous waste. Listed of hazardous waste and learn more: []

How to recycle:


   •  Remove 60-70 % (by squeezing) of absorb oil and can be re  used as the oil as liquid fuel. EPA Standards:

[ ]


  • Residues can be used for power generation if not exhibit characteristic of hazardous waste [ 40 CFR 261.3(2)(i) ]




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +1(514) 694-7267 or fill out the following form

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International Sales & Marketing:

COCOMFORT®™ a Division of

Group Monarch International Inc.


Tel: +1 (514) 694-7267

Fax:+1 (514) 694-6502





Cel/ Whatapp: +1(514) 269-2659

Become a Distributor

To apply to become a distributor, please send a cover letter together with your company profile. to:


Get a quote: +1(514) 694-7267
"Partnering for Success /  Votre partenaire pour la réussite  / Su Asociado para el Éxito"


Private Label & Customize products

We are perfectly designed and precisely tailored our product and services to the needs of our clients.

Our team works with a select group of distributors, retail and organization  clients to create and develop brands, providing all the tools and advice needed to help companies succeed.


Ours customize products in shape, size, weight, litter package are easy to handle solution to clean up of the oil spill on land or water.


Safety Precautions


•  Always follow workplace safety procedures for cleanup and disposal and as necessary, refer to reference materials of spilled substance and hazardous products.

•  Follow good chemical hygiene practices. Properly disposing of spent absorbents will help you avoid non-compliance fines and minimize your impact on the environment.

•  Per general safety practices, place product away from children and animals.

  Keep out of reach of children

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