Simply add 1 part of our  medium grade to 2 parts of your favorite prepared blend and mix thoroughly before filling your containers. Adding some additional water (1 to 2 quarts per cubic foot) before mixing helps improve blend texture and maintain air



    A suggested peat and coir blend for bedding plants
    35% Our Product medium grade
    50% sphagnum
    15% perlite
    4 to5 lbs./Cu.Yd. Dolomitic lime
    1 to 2 lbs. / Cu.Yd. complete starter fertilizer
    4 to 8 oz../Cu.Yd. Surfactant
    10 to 15 gallons water
    Apply water unto perlite to reduce dust. Combine
    components and mix thoroughly until uniformly
    blended. Do not over mix.


  • 3. USING 100%  COCOMFORT®™

    1 cubic yard of loose medium grade
    2 to 4 lbs. of calcium nitrate
    1 to 2 lbs. of super phosphate
    ½ to 1 lb. of Epsom salts
    3 to -5 lbs. gypsum
    4 to 8 oz. of trace element mix
    10 to 15 gallons of water
    Combine components and add water and mix
    thoroughly until uniformly blended. Do not over mix.
    Note: These formulations are intended only as a
    starting point. For the greatest success in your
    operation adjustments should be made to the blends.

The composition of  COCOMFORT™ - Horticulture Coir allows the root to develop more freely than in soil, peat moss and other coconut fiber

COCOMFORT®™ is used in Organic Growing Media


"Having success with Organic Growing Mixes"                         - Growers Talks by Fisher, P., J. Huang, M.Paz and R. Dickson. 2016



Your  blends are best used when freshly mixed. However, prepared mixes and pre-filled containers should be stored like other blends and
should remain usable for many years when properly stored. The following suggestions will help maximize performance of your  blends.

- Store in a clean dry area
- Do not over wet (saturate) the mix before storage
- Do not over compact moist blends
- Cover to avoid contamination
- Avoid contact by rodents and pests


Your blends have higher available water than sphagnum peat blends when saturated but they also have greater air porosity and increased drainage thus avoiding water logging and the diseases associated with wet substrates. When sufficient quantities of Our Coir are incorporated excess watering is not a problem and over saturation from mechanical and
manual watering systems is greatly reduced. Subirrigation works very well with Your Blends.
Use of a surfactant (wetting agent) is always recommended but often not necessary due to the hydrophilic nature of Our Coir in greenhouse
systems. Growers who prefer to dry down the crops between watering find the coir blends often take longer to reach wilt point but absorb and evenly distribute small quantities of water within the substrate.


The high potassium levels provided in Your Blend make nutrient anagement easy. For bedding plants use of 20-10-20 at a rate of 75 to 150 ppm N in
rotation with calcium nitrate and an occasional application of Epsom salts will maximize performance. It is suggested that a 100 to 200 ppm N
solution of calcium nitrate be used for watering in the crop at planting to encourage strong root growth.
Repeated use of the calcium nitrate about once every two to three weeks is advised. Additional benefits are often observed from applications of Epsom salts applied at a rate of 1 to 2 Lbs. per 100 gallons every 2 to 4 weeks. Leaching the crop is seldom necessary but may be helpful on salt sensitive crops due to the high levels of potassium naturally in the Our Coir  Slow release fertilizers can be incorporated at a little lower rate in Your blends due to the higher nutrient holding ability. Management of substrate pH is less critical in blends containing Our Coir due to the higher C.E.C. buffer. However, it is still advised to use the normal routine of adjusting water alkalinity and selecting fertilizers to help maintain the desired media pH.



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