Revolutionary Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Natural, and Sustainable Hygienic Coconut Fiber Equestrian Stabilizer Surface Solution!






Equestrian arena surfaces are a major investment for private horse owners, stable owners, riding clubs, and equine colleges.

Scientific tests of equine surfaces first developed within Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing, where for decades, scientists have studied associations between surface properties and orthopedic injury.

At Cocomfort® Equestrian Fiber, we know that having a good surface is extremely important to keep your horse healthy. A hard floor gives your horse more grip but can quickly cause injuries and lead to holding water though forming a pan layer while soft soil is better for the joints of your horse. But instead, it requires much more energy from the horse itself as they sink deeper into the soil.

Cocomfort® Equestrian fiber stabilizes a wide variety of sands arenas.   

"A dog looks up to a man,

A cat looks down on a man,

But a patient horse looks a man

In the eye and sees him as an equal”


Developed to stabilize and improve sand arenas for horses, minimize the risk of injury and provide a consistent, secure footing surface to perform the best of their ability

The perfect all-weather equestrian stabilizer surface solution!

“For heaviest of rainstorms, dry summers or coldest of winters.”


Excellent cushioning for ligaments and puts less stress on joints and muscles!


Ideal additive for your surface for training in all disciplines!

100% Organic
Extraordinary absorption capacity
Eliminates odors or fecal matter, ammonia and urine
Recyclable and biodegradable
Reuse in the garden
Fine-dust free
Lightweight and longer-lasting

Don’t let soft and hard surfaces affect the health of your horse!


Problematic, Risk and disadvantages

-   Wood (Chips/ Sawdust) – Risk of slipping and lack of grip.

-   Textile fiber is difficult to distribute, and the maintenance is heavy.

-   Shredded carpet with rubber, glue, and dust has environmental effects.

-   Wax surfaces sensitive to change in temperature, getting harder in cold weather and very          loose or soft in warm weather.

-   Recycled tires and rubber are unhealthy for the horse and environment.

-   In a wax-coated sand arena, manure and urine will alter the behavior of the wax.

-   Long fiber difficult to distribute and make maintenance more difficult.

-   Costly waste to disposal.

-   Material difficult to dispose at the end of the use.

“No mucking out each session in the arena the manure will have a volume of about 2 liters!."

"Happy Horse, Happy Family"

The organic cat litter you and your kitty will love!


Your solution!  Cocomfort® Equestrian fiber

“Provide superior support for  horse’s hoof”

Our perfect product formula, especially shredded, chopped, and blended with the right mix of short and long fibers to incorporate into existing or new sand surfaces, adds vatical and horizontal support and reduces surface penetration.


The fibers will absorb valuable moisture within the surface to prevent the sand from drying out and becoming loose and thus enhancing the performance of any sand surface.

Provide superior support for your horse’s hoof without interfering with the natural flow of movement.  You can install it and “Do it Yourself.” Tailor-Made Solution!  You will find the ideal ratio for your horse surface. 

Mixed with existing sand or mixed with new sand to prevent the soil from being too hard or soft.  There is more stability, the surface is more resilient, and the shock is absorbed much better; this not only reduces the risk of injury for your horse but will also reduce the level of fatigue.

The surface should minimize concussion, absorb shock, provide support, and return energy to the horse. Your surface should have a combination of firmness, cushioning, cupping, rebound, and grip.

“Simulate the feeling of a perfect grass field”

Ideal for mixing with existing, sand or it can be mix with new sand!


For optimum performance, it’s important to keep the sand and fiber surface moist at all times, either through watering or rainfall. However, the moisture-retaining qualities of Cocomfort Equestrian Fiber may reduce the amount of watering needed in long spells of dry weather.


Mixed with sand to mimic a sod surface.


-   Increases cushion, stability, rebound, and grip

-   Prevents over-compaction

-   Improved shock absorption

-   Reduces the stress, joint and tendon injuries

-   Provide the sand with a root structure to stabilizes the surface.

-   Retains moisture

-   Free up pore space within the sand, allowing water to pass to prevent pudding.

-   Soft

-   Super absorbent

-   No odor

-   Eco-friendly

-   Hygienic

-   Reduce maintenance 

-   Prolong your equestrian surface its lifespan

-   Saves $$$ 



Cocomfort® Equestrian Fiber recommended for stabilizing sand equestrian riding surfaces suitable for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Applied on top of the sand arenas, and make sure that the sand and fiber are properly mixed and watered to achieve the ideal ratio for your horse surface.

The mixing can be done with a tiller (rotator) at the installation or the factory.

The addition of the fibers will enhance the riding surface providing a stable footing and giving energy return for the hoses.



We would recommend that your sand riding surface be a minimum of 15 cm (6” depth) before the installation of the Cocomfort Equestrian Fiber.


In general, the top layer is about 10 to 15 cm thick.

Test Area

Start incorporated in the sand and fusion the fiber as evenly as possible out over an area of 10m x 10m.; this can be done with rakes or light alloy grain shovel.


Wet the arena to help with the blending of the sand and the fiber. For best results use a stone burier for blending it with the mix depth to 75mm. (Power harrow, rotavator or Harley rake can be used from 3-4times).


Ride on it and feel the result and if you are satisfied with how it feels you can continue with the same proportion across the whole arena. If you feel it did not work out the way you expected simply spread the material from the test area across the whole arena and change the proportion of fiber used for the next test till the moment of your entire satisfaction.

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