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COCOMFORT™  is a natural and biodegradable product which has designed specially to remove oil from water or sea water in tanks, pound, lakes or any oil contaminated water reservoirs.


COCOMFORT™  AWC contains active formula to absorb

Odour and toxic vapor


After 15 min.

OOa WL is a natural and biodegradable product, designed to clean large volume of oil contaminated water.


This is ideal for sea water, rivers, large ponds/ lakes or very large water ponds.


OOa  AWL contains active formula to absorb ordor and toxic vapor

   •  OPRGANIC OIL ABSORBENT - OOa  WL is natural and bio degradable , is designed to absorb oil and not water. Their low weight and unique design make quick deployment possible. The booms can be linked up to any length,. The excellent absorption capacity and ease of handing; make the booms an effective and economic tool for the control and recovery of small and medium size oil spills in protected waters.

   •  OOa Pillows  - This  absorbs the 99%  of spills from water   4- 8 times of its mass , quick deployment   Customize in shape and size

  • Pillows are the easy to handle

  • Solution to the cleanup of oil spills on land or water

  • Pillows are highly absorbent, picking up many times their weight in oil. Pillows are designed for quick and economical cleanup of all non-aggressive liquid leaks and spills


The Solution To The Spills
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