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At Cocomfort®™ a division of Group Monarch International/ Grupo Monarca Internacional,  is an international company with offices in Mexico & Canada, and with operation throughout the world. By controlling the supply chain and removing middlemen and trading companies, we at Cocomfort®™  are able to create value for our customers around the world.


We are perfectly designed and precisely tailored our product and services to the needs of our clients.  


The strategic growth and strengthening of Cocomfort®™ are based on the flexibility to be able to provide a wide range of products. At the heart of this is creating transparency throughout suppliers, the supply chain, and buyers, We are committed to building long terms relationships with our partners and believe that our business model can benefit and provided fair returns and continuity for all.



Our belief is that in order to be successful and to help other companies realize their full potential, it is important to consistently seize opportunities, break boundaries, and go above and beyond what anyone else in the industry can offer. Our partners, associates, and manufacturers around the globe meet or exceed the highest standards for quality and safety.


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