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COCOMFROT, The Only Complete Solution

  • Extraordinary absorption capacity. Absorbs up to nine time its weight. The higher the absorption, the longer it will last and less to buy

  • Eliminates unpleasant urine odors. Reduces flies & pests

  • Minimizes formation of ammonia and toxic sulphur compounds. Reduces the fermentation of urine

  • Offers optimal phyto-sanitary conditions and prevents onset of serious diseases. Protects hoof health.

  • Soft and hygienic bedding. Prevent limbs and ligaments tiredness thank to the soft and spongy nature of our product.

  • No risk of splinters or edges poking out

  • Good insulation capacity providing thermal control during cold winter and blazing summer heat

  • Decrease labor requirements in the daily work

  • Make grooming easier. White or gray horses do not turn yellow as a result of ammonia attack.

  • Cost-efficient. Economical to use in the long run

  • Reduce volume of bedding waste material – easily compostable

  • Lasts much longer than shavings and requires less product

  • Germ free

  • Free from fine dust particles

  • Free of moulds and allergens

  • Does not appeal to animals and therefore is not ingested

  • Best for allergic and sensitive horses and your staff

  • Eco-Friendly, 100% Natural, Organic, Biodegradable

  • Sustainable animal bedding from pets to farm animals

  • Can be used in alleyways and livestock transportation to stop slipping and keep animals cleaner

  • Happier animals lead to higher productivity

  • At the end, reuse in garden as an ideal soil amendment and a nutrient rich fertilizer

  • COCOMFORT, the best bedding that fits best with your needs. 

  • We are here to give you solutions! We customize product to your needs!

  • You can mixed with your traditional product  and use a bit more of COCOMFORT  and when is time to replace use a less of your old bedding and add more our product till the moment that you will see that COCOMFORT IS YOUR SOLUTION!



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