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  • Less product to purchase over any given period and thus less storage room needed

  • Our manageable  sizes in individual plastic bags, bales of 24 kg or 385 kg compressed big bales for your convenience if you are bedding a barn of stalls.

  • The natural addition of nitrogen from your animal’s waste provide the best fertilizer for your plants.

  • Mix it though soils to provide an ideal byproduct

  • Put it on the top of your compost pile to speed up the composting process

  If you want a better water retention, spread a thin layer over your garden. Used COCOMFORT is an excellent mulch that will naturally deter weeds

Other bedding products need to be purchased more frequently, and are more bulky so they take up significantly more storage room, whereas Cocomfort is compressed into more manageable 24kg or 385kg bales. 

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