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The Organic and Eco-Conscious  Solution Formulated for:

La solution biologique et écoresponsable  formulé pour le marché:



COCOMFORT®™  and his different applications:

  • Used in home & gardens to bed plants.

  • Used by the pot mix manufacturers.

  • Used in seed nurseries

  • Used in mushroom production

  • Used in Hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

  • Used for landscaping activities.

  • Used for soil amendment.

  • Used for worm casting.

  • Used for farming activities.

  • Used for co-substrate for compost

  • Used as bedding in farm animals, pets or reptiles (terrarium substrate).

  • Used as oil or any spillage absorbent.

  • Used as infill in the synthetic turf.

  • Used as a packaging material.

  • Used as a biological filter for odor control.

Revolutionary Eco-Fiendly100% Organic, Natural And Sustainable Hygienic Coconut Fiber Animal Bedding

Litière pour animaux en fibre de coco 100% organique, naturelleécologique, hygiénique et durable

Cama para animales de fibra de coco 100% orgánica, natural,  ecológica, higiénica y durable

Cama para animais de fibra de coco 100% orgânico, natural, ecológica, higiênico e drivel


Tailor Made Solutions

The Mix Growers Need


Solutions sur mesure

Le mélange les horticultururs ont besoin


Soluciónes a la medida

La mezcla ideal para cultivadores  


Organic Oil Absorbent


Absorbant Organique Révolutionaire


Absorbente Orgánico de  Aceite

Revolutionary Eco-Friendly 100% Natural Absorbent of Oil, Scum, Slime & Grime

Nettoyant révolutionnaire, 100% naturel, écologique absorbant l'écume, les substances visqueuses et la saleté des piscines et des spas.

Limpiador Orgánico absorbente de aceite, de escoria, del cieno y mugre en el aguas de piscinas  y spas

Organic option infill in the synthetic turf market


Soil Erosion Control

Contrôle de l'érosion des sols




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